BTC Lite new website now online

BTC Lite team has updated its website with a brand new design. This new design not only improve the brand image of BTC Lite, but also gives more information at a glance to the new and existing users.


Here are some changes that we have introduced in the new design:

  • Brand new look. First impression is last impression. So, we have made sure to highlight all the great features that makes BTC Lite special.
  • Comprehensive roadmap — This new roadmap shows team’s previous achievements and events that will be taking place in future.
  • Coinmarketcap inclusion — it was a proud moment for all the BTC Lite supporters to get onto Coinmarketcap. So, we have ditched the previous widget for Coinmarketcap, which is more widely known.
  • Technical information about the BTCL token is given in detail at the bottom of page.
  • BTC Lite’s blog has been completely moved to Medium. No more confusion on where to find new updates. Update- it is back to our own site.

Despite launching in crypto winter, BTC Lite is achieving new heights and making solid progress.

Thank you for being with us in this journey.