BTC Lite is lighter, faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.

Maximum supply was previously hard capped to 21,000,000 (21 million) – same as Bitcoin. We did a coin burn and brought it down to 18.7M, making it rarer than ever.

Cheaper transactions

Fee of $0.002-$0.15


Near instant transactions.

Wallet support

Partnered with Binance and Coinbase wallets

Fixed supply

Fixed supply of 18.7 Million

Our Core

What is BTC LITE?

BTC Lite is much lighter than 9-year old Bitcoin. It runs on Ethereum blockchain and inherits all advantages that come with this modern platform.

BTC Lite transactions are confirmed within 1-3 minutes. This makes it much, much faster than Bitcoin that can sometimes days to arrive. Average blocktime of BTC Lite is 15s while Bitcoin has average block time of 10 minutes.

  • Faster than Bitcoin
  • Lighter than Bitcoin
  • Available on all popular wallets
  • Cheaper Transactions
  • Available on many exchanges
  • Same supply as Bitcoin

Why BTC Lite?

BTC Lite is pre-mined and deployed on static deployment platform that reduces energy costs compared to alternatives.


Transaction fee is $0.002-$0.15


Approximate time per transaction is ~15 seconds


Pre-mined and deployed on static deployment platform


Non-ICO token deployed on Ethereum

Total Supply

18.7 Million

Supported Exchanges


Mobile solution

Managing BTCL easily

Launched in November 2017, BTC Lite (BTCL) is a non-ICO token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain that conforms with ERC20 standards. BTC Lite complements Bitcoin’s underlying principles with faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs.

That is why BTC Lite teamed up with popular wallets to offer users easy ways to manage their BTCL tokens on the move.



How it all Started

November 2017 BTC Lite was born.
November 2017
December 2017 Verified token on EtherScan and added links.
December 2017
Jan-June 2018 Listed on, previously known as Stocks.Exchange + ForkDelta official listing + Wiki page up on + BTCL Coin burn + CoinGecko and CoinLib listing
January 2018
July-Dec 2018 Native integration on + ETHERC and DexDelta listing + Partnership with Trust, official Binance Wallet + Listing on Raisex exchange + Coinbase wallet integration + BTCL on CoinGecko Beam + Saturn Network exchange listing
July 2018
2019 CoinMarketCap Listed BTC Lite + Roadmap updated + imToken native integration +New Website + SSL integration + McAfeeDEX listing
December 2019
2020 Exchange listings + Partnership with other projects + Merchant adoption + Media coverage + Better wallet integration
March 2020
In the News

Media about us

Token Information

Technical information about BTC Lite (BTCL)

Created: November 2017
Ticker/Symbol: BTCL
Supply: 18,700,000
Decimals: 8
Blockchain: ETH
Project protocol: ERC20

BTCL Token Contract Address



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