Why BTC Lite?

Bitcoin made Lighter, Faster and Cheaper

  • Lighter

    BTC Lite is much lighter than 9-year old Bitcoin. It runs on Ethereum blockchain and inherits all advantages that come with this modern platform. There is no need to download blockchain to access or spend your coins.

  • Faster

    BTC Lite transactions are confirmed within 1-3 minutes. This makes it much, much faster than Bitcoin that can sometimes days to arrive. Average blocktime of BTC Lite is 15s while Bitcoin has average block time of 10 minutes.

  • Cheaper

    Original Bitcoin has become more of a store of wealth. BTC Lite is meant to be used as currency. Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is between $5-$8 and sometimes more than that. Transaction fee of BTC Lite is $0.002-$0.15.

BTC Lite

BTC Lite (BTCL) maximum supply is hard capped to 21,000,000 (21 million) – same as Bitcoin. There is no possibility to increase the supply.

BTCL Coin / Token Name
21,000,000 Supply
8 Decimals


Add BTCL as token/symbol, Decimal as 8 and contract as 0x5acd19b9c91e596b1f062f18e3d02da7ed8d1e50


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BTC Lite in press


  • Todd - Administration + Advisory

  • Rodrigo - Administration + Front End

  • Ms. Marie - Social Media + PR

  • Arik - Backend


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