Update - Pre-sale is now over and BTC Lite is available for purchase on EtherDelta https://etherdelta.com/#0x5acd19b9c91e596b1f062f18e3d02da7ed8d1e50-ETH

Buying guide if you are not familiar with EtherDelta https://medium.com/@BTClite/how-to-buy-btc-lite-on-etherdelta-59ff875cf3ed

Want to buy before we hit the exchanges? Get the BTC Lite token by following these instructions. This is a limited time offer.

Price: 16000 BTCL / 1 ETH

Minimum amount: 0.2 ETH Limit removed

Maximum amount: 20 ETH Limit removed

Step One: Send Ethereum to


This address is verified under name of BTC LITE on etherscan.io

Step Two: After you have sent us the Ethereum, fill this form out and let us know. BTC Lite will be sent to you within 3-6 hours.

Step Three: You will get a confirmation on your email address. Make sure to double check your email address while filling the form.

If you run into any trouble, email support staff directly at [email protected]